Click to browse an alphabetical list of our DVDs.We have a whole bunch of DVDs that we want to share with you. This is not a collection similar to that of the local Lackluster Video (which may or may not still be in business when you read this). Our DVD Lending Library is made up of the kinds of films we show here, plus some personal favorites from our staff. The best part is, we loan them out for free (as opposed to the local free public library, which charges from day 1).

NEW RELEASES are 3-day loans (we separate these out and put them in green cases to make it easy to tell without having to sticker them).

CATALOG TITLES (older movies) are 7-day loans.

After the initial loan period, the charge is 93 cents per day.

Also, if you have DVDs that are just taking up space, we would love to adopt them. If they are titles we cannot use, we will convert them into titles we can. And we promise not to psychologically profile you by your choice in movies.

Click below to view a full alphabetical list (hosted by our friends at Beacon Street Farm).

Click to browse an alphabetical list of our DVDs.

2 responses

  1. Every time I go by to return a DVD you are closed. When do you open and close? Is there a drop box? Thanks!

  2. The building opens at 10am every day, and you can slide DVDs right under the door.

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