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Membership to the Cape Ann Community Cinema is free with purchase of any of the following bundles of discount tickets, which are available at the Cinema during your next visit (Value-added GiftBuckets are available for purchase online):

10 FILM TICKETS = $70.00 ($30.00 SAVINGS) [BUY NOW]
4 OPERA TICKETS = $60.00 ($10.00 SAVINGS) [BUY NOW]

(When you run out of discount tickets, all we ask is that you purchase another bundle, or “Booster Pack,” as it’s the way we are able to afford such a discount.)

Membership benefits include:

FREE DVD LOANS – We have a library of 2,000 DVDs that we avail free to all Members. New releases are 3-day loans, and older (catalog) titles are 7-day loans (a borrowing fee of 93 cents per day applies to longer loans). EXPLORE THE LIST.

DISCOUNTS – $2.50 off HD operas and ballets, plus 10% off Premium events (like concerts and Dinner & Movie events).

SPECIAL MEMBERS-ONLY EVENTS – Be the coolest kids on the block with access to special hush-hush screenings and other special events.

Questions? E-Mail Rob Newton at, or phone (978) 309-8448.


2 responses

  1. Richard McElvain | Reply

    Does it cost to become a member?

    1. There is no cost to become a Member. All we ask is that you buy a block of 10 discount tickets at $6.50 per (tickets are $9.50 singly). We also have a level of Membership – the Seat Sponsorship – which includes having your favorite seat waiting for you when you arrive.

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