PREMIERE – Ben Wickey’s “The Homecoming” & Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (Sun. Oct. 30 @ 6:30pm only)

SUN. OCT. 30 @ 6:30PM
shown with Ray Bradbury’s
Something Wicked This Way Comes


ben_wickeyBen Wickey is a 21-year-old Rockport artist, writer, and animator. In 2010, he won the Edward Gorey House’s Fantastagorey Award for book illustration. He has since worked closely with that museum. He has created works for such notaries as Griff Rhys Jones, Liv Ullmann, The John Updike Society, and Ki Longfellow-Stanshall,  author and widow of British eccentric, Vivian Stanshall. He created original animations for Christopher Seufert’s upcoming documentary, “The Last Days Of Edward Gorey,” a rough cut of which screened at The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage in 2015. Paired with Disney’s dark “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” the premiere of THE HOMECOMING is Wickey’s short animated film about a little boy’s tale of his family reunion of vampires and based on Ray Bradbury’s 1946 short story, and is a collaboration with Bradbury’s daughter, Bettina.


something_wicked_this_way_comesIn the hamlet of Green Town, Illinois, two young boys–quiet Will Halloway and somewhat rebellious Jim Nightshade–enjoy the ever-shortening days of autumn. When the boys hear about a strange traveling carnival, they decide to see what it is all about. However, Will is fearful, as most carnivals end their tours after Labor Day. When the ominous Mr. Dark (Jonathan Pryce) rides into town on a dark midnight, setting up his massive carnival in a matter of seconds, the boys are both thrilled and terrified. It seems to be just another carnival at first, but it is not before long that the forces of darkness themselves are manifesting from the haunting melodies of the carousel… which can change your age depending on which way you ride it. With his collection of freaks and oddities, such as the Fat Man, Mr. Electro, and the blind Dust Witch (Pam Grier), Dark intends to take control of the town and seize more innocent souls to damn. It will take all the wit and hope of the two boys to save their families and friends, with aid from an unlikely ally–Will’s father (Jason Robards), the town librarian–who understands more than anyone else that “something wicked this way comes.”

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TICKETS: $11.00

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