ATLANTIC (Maritime Gloucester Event)

SUN. MAR. 26
@ 1:30PM ONLY

ATLANTIC_1sht_MASTER_v6ATLANTIC is the second documentary film from the makers of the award-winning documentary The Pipe (2010). Atlantic started as a crowdfunding project, where the digital community came together and raised the highest Fund-It amount every raised, totalling €56,000. Once made, Atlantic came to communities everywhere as it screened at cinemas, theaters, lighthouses, arts centers, in thatched cottages, and on beaches across the country!

The film charts the politics of resource management of the North Atlantic; from strong State control in Norway, mixed fortunes in Newfoundland, to a more liberal, privatized system in Ireland.

Atlantic, through the experience of these coastal neighbors, poses the question: who will benefit from the exploitation of these resources, and what the consequences will be for communities and the environment?

The film’s aim is to empower local communities and individuals so that they can better contribute to this vital debate by engaging in live and uncensored discussions between people on all sides of the Atlantic.


richie“My last documentary, ‘The Pipe,’ told the story of a small coastal community as they faced down one of the world’s most powerful oil companies, which was forcing a high-pressure raw gas pipeline through their farms and fishing grounds.

The story raised more questions for me than it answered, leading me to look at the politics of our oil and gas prospects off the Irish coast. What has since unfolded is an incredible story of resource mismanagement, and the capture of our offshore riches — oil, gas and fishing — whilst our gaze is elsewhere.”

Winner of 2016 Screen Directors’ Guild Finders Series for “Atlantic.”

buy_tickets-buttonTICKETS: $11.00


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