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NEW THIS WEEK: “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is the expansionist dream of Sonny (Dev Patel), and it’s making more claims on his time than he has available, considering his imminent marriage to the love of his life, Sunaina (Tina Desai). Sonny has his eye on a promising property now that his first venture, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful, has only a single remaining vacancy – posing a rooming predicament for fresh arrivals Guy (Richard Gere) and Lavinia (Tamsin Greig). Evelyn and Douglas (Judi Dench and Bill Nighy) have now joined the Jaipur workforce, and are wondering where their regular dates for Chilla pancakes will lead, while Norman and Carol (Ronald Pickup and Diana Hardcastle) are negotiating the tricky waters of an exclusive relationship, as Madge (Celia Imrie) juggles two eligible and very wealthy suitors. Perhaps the only one who may know the answers is newly installed co-manager of the hotel, Muriel (Maggie Smith), the keeper of everyone’s secrets. As the demands of a traditional Indian wedding threaten to engulf them all, an unexpected way forward presents itself.

GIGGLES GLOSTA – Season Premiere with Tony V, Frank Santorelli, Artie Januario (Fri. May 1 @ 8pm)

 FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2015 @ 8:00PM


Kick off the new season of our monthly stand-up comedy series with 3 of Boston’s greatest comics–Tony V (“Louie”), Frank Santorelli (“The Sopranos”), and Artie Januario (“Comics Come Home”)!

(Past performers have included Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney, Bobby Slayton, and Christine Hurley.)

Beer and wine is available for purchase.

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TICKETS: $30.00 ($27.50 Members)
$5.00 from each ticket donated to the
Manchester Police Association’s Scholarship Fund



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The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage is very pleased to announce our premiere live entertainment season. Tickets are available individually by clicking the RESERVE NOW button, or by selecting one of the following packages:

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Patty Larkin

Patty PhotoPatty Larkin redefines the boundaries of folk-urban pop music with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics. She has been praises as “evocative” (Rolling Stone), “riveting” (Chicago Tribune), “hypnotic” (Entertainment Weekly) and a “drop-dead brilliant” performer (Performing Songwriter).

Click to buy tickets to this event.TICKETS: $30.00 ($27.50 Members)

 APRIL 24-26, 2015


Join us for this lighthearted spoof of the BBC hit “Downton Abbey,” in which we celebrate the engagement of Mary and Matthew; a party that is clouded in the ambiguity of the future of the stately Annisquam Abbey. Lady Mary and Matthew are joined by members of the staff in a whirlwind of entertainment, including songs, dancing, and plenty of laughs! If only the characters can locate the missing will of the famed millionaire fishing magnate G. Orton of Gloucester, they know that the estate can be saved!

Click to buy tickets to this event.TICKETS: $20.00 ($18.00 Members)

 FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2015 @ 8:00PM


Kick off the new season of our monthly stand-up comedy series with 3 of Boston’s greatest comics–Tony V (“Louie”), Frank Santarelli (“The Sopranos”), and Artie Januario (“Comics Come Home”)!

(Past performers have included Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney, Bobby Slayton, and Christine Hurley.)

Beer and wine is available for purchase.

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TICKETS: $30.00 ($27.50 Members)

$5.00 from each ticket donated to the
Manchester Police Association’s Scholarship Fund

 FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2015

Songs To The Siren

The Main Street Music series is a coming-together of Cape Ann’s best musicians. Each MSMS show is on a particular theme, and naturally, as this show is on the Friday of St. Peter’s Fiesta, its theme is the sea. Will you hear Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren”? Definitely. A bawdy sea shanty like “Spanish Ladies”? Quite likely. Suede’s “Into the Sea”? It’s entirely possible–visit our website and vote to build the soundtrack that you want to remember the start of this summer by!

Click to buy tickets to this event.
TICKETS: $15.00

$1.00 from each ticket donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid

 AUGUST 21-27, 2015

In the founding spirit of the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage, we have reserved this week for you! If you would like to stage a show of your own, please contact us at for details on logistics and costs!


The Main Street Music series is a coming-together of Cape Ann’s best musicians. Each MSMS show is on a particular theme, and this one, which kicks off the Cinema’s annual week-long Fall Into The Rhythm Music Movies Festival, features an evening of songs from your favorite movies. Don’t you forget about this one–it is sure to be an affair to remember!
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TICKETS: $15.00
$1 donated to North Shore Health Project

 OCTOBER 23-25, 2015

A Monstrously engaging tribute to Boris “Frankenstein” Karloff.
He sings! He dances! He growls! It’s Gooooooood!
“KARLOFF” is about Hollywood icon, Boris “Frankenstein” Karloff, authorized by the star’s only child, Sara Karloff.The play is a multimedia piece, full of music, sound and images, which tells the adventure of the star’s life in a kaleidoscope of fast-paced, time-hopping vignettes which celebrate art, life, and the indomitable human spirit.The show’s style is cinematic, befitting the story of a Hollywood star.Though only a single actor is on the stage, invisible characters abound, and Boris interacts with them, re-living non-linearly visited events in his life as they spontaneously occur to him.Stephen Jacobs, author of the definitive biography which is the script’s primary source, “Boris Karloff: More Than a Monster,” was the show’s dramaturg, and said of the script:  “‘KARLOFF’ is worthy of its legendary subject.”


“I have seen this play performed and it captures the very essence of my Father, both personally and professionally…This play is just what I hoped for.” -Sara Karloff

“Impressive. It’s just great.”  Derek M. Koch, host of “Monster Kid Radio”

“Lots of laughs and quick paced… I enjoyed the play immensely.” audience member Roberta Benson

“Entertaining, humorous, and also incredibly moving.” audience member Laura Waters

“The entire show was wonderful!” audience member Rebecca Blackwell

Randy Bowser, author and star of “KARLOFF,” has a lifelong history in theatre, winning numerous awards. He began his professional career at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival, and he acts, writes, directs and composes music to this day.
His musical based on Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” opened at The Stas Namin Centre in Moscow, Russia, in 2010, and is still running.

The show’s website:

Photo gallery at the website:!gallery/cfvg

Video gallery at the website, with the interview with Randy Bowser and Sara Karloff after opening night:!video-gallery/c1the

“KARLOFF” Facebook page:

Sara Karloff interviewed about the play on Monster Kid Radio:

Nominated for “Best Fan Event” on the ballot for the prestigious Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards:

Click to buy tickets to this event.
TICKETS: $20.00 ($18.00 Members)

 DECEMBER 3-10, 2015


Welcome the winter holidays with this original, lighthearted revue, featuring an opening night and closing night musical performance from the Main Street Music Series, plus all manner of sketches, songs, and celebratory silliness all with an inimitable Cape Ann flavor!

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TICKETS: $20.00 ($18.00 Members)
$1.00 from each ticket donated to The Open Door

CONCERT EVENT – An Evening With Patty Larkin (Fri. Apr. 3 @ 8:00pm)

Learn more about Patty Larkin.Patty Larkin redefines the boundaries of folk-urban pop music with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics. Acoustic Guitar hails her “soundscape experiments” while Rolling Stone praises her “evocative and sonic shading.” She has been described as “riveting” (Chicago Tribune), “hypnotic” (Entertainment Weekly) and a “drop-dead brilliant” performer (Performing Songwriter).

Larkin grew up in a musical and artistic family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Descended from a long line of Irish American singers and taletellers, her mother was a painter, her sisters both musicians. She learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty of the arts. She began classical piano studies at age 7, and became swept up in the sounds of pop and folk in the 60s, teaching herself the guitar and experimenting with songwriting in high school. An English major, Larkin sang throughout her high school and college career, starting out in coffeehouses in Oregon and San Francisco. Upon graduation from the University of Oregon, she moved to Boston and devoted herself to music, busking on the streets of Cambridge and studying jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music and with Boston area jazz guitarists.

For more on Patty Larkin, visit her website at

Patty Larkin performs at the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage on Friday, April 3, 2015 at 8:00pm (7:30pm) door. Tickets are $30.00, or $27.50 for Cinema Members, and are on sale now.

NEW TICKET DESIGNS – Only 250 Advance Packs Available!

Hello Fellow Film Fan,

We have outgrown our local non-profit fiscal partner, so we are forming our own non-profit called OurTown Cinemas to service small independent cinemas nationwide. The process is not without cost, so to help subsidize the expense and drive business to our wee humble movie loft, our iconic movie ticket––an antique post card of our downtown neighborhood in the West End of Gloucester––is now in the family way!

On March 15, for slightly more than the cost of a regular 10-pack of deeply-discounted movie tickets, you will receive a value-added 10-pack (see additional premiums below) including one of each of the following nine new designs that will not go on sale to the public any time soon (all images courtesy of The Cape Ann Museum).

And if you regularly purchase the basic 10-packs and can’t wait until March 15 for a re-up, we’ve got you covered. Just purchase this bonus 10-pack (scroll all the way down to see what the bonus swag includes and to purchase), and we’ll let you buy “onesies” at $7.50 per until then. And also, like any tickets you previously purchased and still hold, these new tickets never expire… like the Forever Stamps at the Post Office.

Thanks for your help––here’s to taking our wee humble movie loft to the next level together!

Warm regards,

From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #2 – THE BLYNMAN BRIDGE
The Bridge at the Blynman Canal, aka “The Cut Bridge,” was the only direct land-based point of entry to Gloucester and Rockport before the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge and Route 128 came in 1953. Late historian Joseph Garland characterized the pre-highway days as symbolizing “Gloucester’s isolation and contrariness.” The Cut has existed in some incarnation or other since 1643, and has long served as an excuse for being late to anything on the island.
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #3 – ROCKY NECK
Rocky Neck in East Gloucester is home to The Rocky Neck Art Colony, one of the oldest working art colonies in the country. It has been luring to its shores artists like Fitz Henry Lane, Emile Gruppe, and Leonard Craske, who created “The Man at the Wheel,” Gloucester’s famous landmark sculpture, in his studio on the pier on Rocky Neck in the 1920s.
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #4 – STAGE FORT PARK
This scene, from August 1907, is from the dedication of the plaque that still adorns Tablet Rock, the large granite boulder at the center of Stage Fort Park. The tablet commemorates the first settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on that site in Gloucester in 1623 (which didn’t quite take and but successful when it was attempted again in 1628). The ramparts, which are popular tourist attractions today, were built during the Revolutionary War, and renewed for the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #5 – GLOUCESTER CITY HALL
Gloucester City Hall is located at 9 Dale Avenue in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was built in 1870 and dedicated the following year, and has served as the main location for the city’s offices since then. Built to a design by Bryant and Rogers, it is a two story brick building with Victorian features that have a strong Second Empire influence. Each of the rectangular building’s four corners is topped by its own pyramidal roof structure, above which is a small rectangular cupola with its own roof. Centered on the front elevation is a clock tower that is brick in its lower levels, and decorated wood above, ending in a copper dome. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and included in the Central Gloucester Historic District in 1982.

“The Golden Age of American Post Cards” started to peak around 1910, with all the cards in our collection coming from that period. In 1913, the U.S. Postal Service reported total pieces 968,000,000 pieces mailed. Today, collectors are called “deltiologists,” with the most serious of them turning their noses up at post cards offered that were minted before 1920. Rob Newton, the Creative Director of the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage, has been card people since childhood, when his late grandfather, Gloucester native Robert A. Chadbourne Sr. (1916-1995), spent his retirement meticulously compiling a definitive collection of Gloucester post cards. “Buppa” as he was known collected only Gloucester post cards, politely turning his nose up at post cards bearing scenes from Rockport, Essex, or Manchester.
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #6 – THE SARGENT HOUSE:
For over 100 years, the Sargent House Museum was the home of sea merchants, patriots and community leaders. A fine example of high-style Georgian domestic architecture, the house was built in 1782 for Judith Sargent Stevens Murray (1751-1820), a philosopher, writer and an early advocate of women’s equality. Visitors to the Sargent House Museum learn about the early history of Gloucester from its beginnings as a farming and lumbering outpost to its evolution into the country’s premier seaport. Visitors will also see a collection of original works by the great portrait painter John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) descendant of the Sargent family, who loved the house and its ties to Post-Revolutionary Gloucester.
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #7 – STACY BOULEVARD
Resting on a granite base in the center of Gloucester’s long, narrow Stacy Esplanade is the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial. It is an eight-foot tall, bronze statue of a fisherman dressed in oilskins standing braced at the wheel on the sloping deck of his ship. It is positioned so that the fisherman is looking out over Gloucester Harbor. The English sculptor Leonard F. Craske (1882-1950) designed the sculpture, and it was cast by the Gorham Company of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1925. Generally acknowledged as Craske’s finest work, the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial is viewed by thousands of visitors annually and has become a symbol of the city, commemorating Gloucester’s link to the sea. A small plaque on the north or street-facing side of the base reads, “MEMORIAL TO THE GLOUCESTER FISHERMAN, August 23, 1923.” A larger recessed panel on the front or harbor-facing side of the base holds an inscription of bronze letters taken from the 107th Psalm, which reads:
From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #8 – SITTIN’ ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY… RATHER, THE HARBOR:
At the turn of the 20th century, about the same time that these post cards were first minted, the fishing industry began to undergo a big change. The wind-in-sail schooners that were the backbone of the world’s fishing fleets until then began to be displaced by steam-powered vessels and eventually petroleum-powered trawlers. In 1924, Clarence Birdseye invented the fast-freezing method of fish preservation, making scenes like the one above (in which fish were dried and cured for storage) obsolete. Learn more about the history of fishing in Gloucester at Schooner Adventure.

From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #9 – SQUAM LIGHT, ANNISQUAM
Annisquam Harbor Light Station, formerly known as Wigwam Point, was first established in 1801 and is now one of the oldest light stations in Massachusetts. The original wooden octagonal tower was replaced around 1897 by the existing brick tower. The site includes elements of the original light station complex (completed by 1814), such as the keeper’s house (which is still used as housing by the U.S. Coast Guard personnel who manage the site) and an oil house. An elevated wooden walkway leads to the 41-foot tall, cylindrical tower, which rests on a stone foundation. An enclosed brick passageway provides access to the tower. The lighthouse protects mariners from dangerous obstacles including long sandbars and a rocky shore along the Annisquam River. In 2008, the building made an appearance as a lighthouse in Maine in the film remake “The Women” starring Meg Ryan. The sand on the private beach (and many beaches around Cape Ann) is bioluminescent, glowing when stepped upon at low tide, brought to you by the countless thousands of tiny phytoplankton bodies you’re crushing with your flip-flops.

From the collection of The Cape Ann Museum.TICKET #10 – DOGTOWN
While its rocky terrain was not suited to agriculture, “The Commons,” the inland area between Gloucester and Rockport now known as Dogtown, was nonetheless settled in 1693. Its population peaked between 1750 and the turn of the nineteenth century, with about 100 well-regarded families residing there. At the time, remote locale provided protection from pirates, an issue that was of no concern after new coastal roads were built and the War of 1812 cleared the seas of such threats. After that, the abandoned houses attracted vagabonds and other squatters, and The Commons earned a bad reputation, possibly taking its name from the dogs that widows of soldiers and seafarers–dogs that eventually became feral. In 1830, Dogtown’s last resident–a freedman named Cornelius “Black Neil” Finson–was found half-dead in one of the crumbling house foundations, and was then remanded to the local poorhouse, where he died shortly after. During the Great Depression, local philanthropist Roger Babson hired some unemployed Cape Ann quarry workers to carve into various granite boulders in Dogtown inspirational words such as “Never Try, Never Win,” “Kindness,” and “Help Mother.” Today, Dogtown is a walkable Essex National Heritage Area, with guided tours available from the likes of Walk The Words. The “Whale’s Jaw,” pictured above, stood from the time that a glacier receded from Cape Ann some 18,000 years ago, and fell in 1989 when an illegal campfire raged out of control and scorched the ground beneath it.

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FILM SERIES – The Cape Ann Museum Presents…

Learn more about our friends at the Cape Ann Museum.The Cape Ann Museum hosts a monthly movie series here at the Cape Ann Cinema & Stage. Tickets for all features are $10.50 adults, $9.00 students & seniors, and $7.50 for Members of CAM and CACC, with the exception of “Dinner & Movie” events, which are priced as listed.

Advance purchase is recommended,
as these events have become wicked popular.

Cape Ann Museum presents…

Recommended Ages: 5 to Adult (In English)

From the director of the Oscar-nominated “The Secret of Kells” comes SONG OF THE SEA, the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. Featuring Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, and Lisa Hannigan, with music by composer Bruno Coulais and Irish band Kíla, both of whom collaborated on “The Secret of Kells.” NOMINATED FOR BEST ANIMATED FEATURE, ACADEMY AWARDS 2015.

It is a gem beaming with awe-inspiring, heartwarming magic. As if wrapped in a blanket made of gorgeous dreams, watching Song of the Sea is a spellbinding experience that captures fantasy in its purest form.” -IndieWire

“DAZZLING!” “A marvel to behold!” -Variety

“WONDROUS! DELIGHTFUL!” -The Hollywood Reporter


 Cape Ann Museum presents…


From first rehearsal to world premiere, this immersive new documentary takes us backstage at New York City Ballet as Justin Peck, a young up-and-coming choreographer, crafts a new work. The film illuminates the process behind the creation of a single ballet within the ongoing cycle of work at one of the world’s great ballet companies. New York City Ballet, under the artistic direction of Ballet Master in Chief Peter Martins, boasts a roster of more than 90 elite dancers and a repertory of works by many of the greatest choreographers in the history of the art form. When 25-year-old NYCB dancer Justin Peck begins to emerge as a promising young choreographer, he is commissioned to create a new ballet for the Company’s 2013 Winter Season. With unprecedented access to an elite world, the film follows Peck as he collaborates with musicians, lighting designers, costume designers and his fellow dancers to create Paz de la Jolla, NYCB’s 422nd new ballet. “Ballet 422″ is an unembellished vérité portrait of a process that has never before been documented at New York City Ballet in its entirety.


CACC T-Shirts Now Available!


MEN’S WHITE – SMALL ($16.99)
MEN’S WHITE – LARGE ($16.99)

MEN’S BLACK – SMALL ($16.99)
MEN’S BLACK – LARGE ($16.99)



Prices are for pick-up at the Cinema. Shipping is available for $5.00.

Cape Ann Cinema & Stage Presents… TOMFOOLERY: The Words & Music of Tom Lehrer (Wed. Dec. 3 – Thu. Dec. 11)


Cape Ann’s premiere community cinema launches its new stage with a revue of the witty, wicked, and thoroughly twisted world of famed satirical songwriter Tom Lehrer.

Click for a great gallery of photos from our Opening Night!THE CAPE ANN CINEMA & STAGE
is pleased to present its first stage production, the witty musical, TOMFOOLERY: THE WORDS & MUSIC OF TOM LEHRER. The show runs from Wednesday, December 3 through Thursday, December 11, and features an all-local, ensemble-directed cast featuring Brian King, Jeph Ellis, Jennifer-Lee Levitz, and Olivia Gale. Joseph Nuccio is serving as Musical Director.

Read the Gloucester Daily Times story about our Stage launch!

Read the Gloucester Daily Times story about our Stage launch!

“This show is homegrown–by local folks, with local folks, for local folks,” explains Cinema owner and Creative Director, Rob Newton. “It’s a hilarious show, and we hope all of Cape Ann will join us for it as we kick off our new stage and our new name.”

Cape Ann Cinema & Stage's "Tomfoolery" Cast (from left to right): Jeph Ellis, Brian King, Jennifer Lee Levitz and Olivia Gale

Cape Ann Cinema & Stage’s “Tomfoolery” Cast (from left to right): Jeph Ellis, Brian King, Jennifer Lee Levitz and Olivia Gale

Newton shares, “Thanks to a generous gift from Cinema friend Chris Deering, we were able to create this amazing resource.” The stage is 30’ wide, and features new live sound and a thoroughly modern LED lighting array. “It is through this kind of support that we are able to expand our community vision, not only around Cape Ann and the North Shore, but around the country, as well.” (Newton advised on The Luna Theater, a new community cinema project that opened in September at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, and in 2015, he will launch the non-profit OurTown Cinemas, dedicated to seeding and servicing small cinemas all over the U.S.)

cac_logoNewton, who goes by the stage name “Fig,” cites Lehrer (as well as the likes of Weird Al Yankovic and Stan Freberg) as his personal musical and comic influences. With his debut novelty record “Monkey Bismuth,” Fig won two Just Plain Folks awards in 2004, which are like the Grammys for unsigned artists.

“My first exposure to Lehrer goes way back, like it does for a lot of kids who grew up in the ‘70s. Remember those animated earworms from ‘The Electric Company’ on PBS–‘Silent E’ and ‘L-Y’? That was Tom Lehrer. So this a tribute, not only to the days of youth, but to the ways of thinking differently that come across in Lehrer’s songs. And thinking differently is the whole reason that The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage exists in the first place.”

The Stage plans one new production every quarter, be they revivals like “Tomfoolery” or “Free To Be You And Me” or original productions like Mark Volpe’s “Citizen Wayne” (a story that supposes Orson Welles entertained making a Batman movie after “Citizen Kane”) or Newton’s own “Rocket Man” (a musical about space pioneer and Massachusetts native Robert H. Goddard).

Click to learn more about Tom Lehrer.Tomfoolery is based on The Tom Lehrer Songbook, and is a show like no other. Written by Cameron Mackintosh and Robin Ray, with music and lyrics by Tom Lehrer, this is one wildly wicked musical revue of novelty songs (there are no sad ones in this bunch). Music, laughter, and no one spared—when you’re dealing with the humor of Tom Lehrer, nothing is sacred.

In concerts, television appearances and a series of now-classic recordings, the Harvard-educated math professor delighted millions of fans during the 1950s and ’60s with his dry, cynical, but good-humored attacks on the A-bomb, racism, pollution, pornography, the military, the Boy Scouts and, of course, mathematics. No taboo is safe in this hysterical revue featuring such Lehrer favorites as “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park,” “When You Are Old And Grey,” “The Masochism Tango,” “The Old Dope Peddler,” “The Vatican Rag” and an unforgettable Gilbert and Sullivan-esque recitation of the Periodic Table of Elements, all linked together with Lehrer’s own inimitable concert patter.

Four actors, stools, a piano and a healthy dose of attitude are all you need to stage this delightful revue. Audience will be beside themselves with the clever lyrics and hummable tunes. Rediscover the man and songs that have delighted and skewered the world for over forty years in TOMFOOLERY! •••

FRI. DEC. 5 @ 8:00PM
SAT. DEC. 6 @ 8:0PM
SUN. DEC. 7 @ 4:00PM
TUE. DEC. 9 @ 8:00PM
WED. DEC. 10 @ 8:00PM
THU. DEC. 11 @ 8:00PM



Purchase tickets online or at the door.
Advance tickets are strongly recommended.
Click to buy tickets to this event.

Tom Lehrer performing “Wernher von Braun” in Copenhagen in 1967.

“Silent E,” from the 1970s PBS kids’ staple, ‘The Electric Company’

Tom Lehrer performing “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” at the Cameron Mackintosh tribute show, ‘Dear Mr. Producer’ in 1998

TOMFOOLERY is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 * Tel.: (212) 541-4694 | Fax: (212) 397-4684 |

For The Love Of Dolby

Thomas Dolby, whose name you might have heard, or seen scrawled like graffiti on a blog about Moogs or something like that, is to pop music what Voyager 2 is to space exploration. And no, “She Blinded Me With Science” is not his only hit song, although you have probably seen the video all those years ago on MTV. Perhaps you bought “The Golden Age of Wireless” and came to appreciate this long-legged kind of glamorous Brit-pop for what lies beneath those strange album covers and glints of engineering on the bespectacled face of this heroic and legendary proto-geek. I didn’t. Instead, I huddled while imprisoned in the grey halls of a New England prep school, lonely, angry, and bewildered by joules of hormones, beneath my Walkman headphones listening to “Cloudburst at Shingle Street” and thinking of seducing the girls in my car pool if only they would talk to me. And I heard things I could only hope to say to myself in the submarine of scrubbing desks or sweeping floors during the summer break:

when I was small
I was in love
in love with everything
and now there’s only you

And now there’s only you, Thomas: the last bottle of New Wave Lafite ’82, a bouquet of Art Deco and stratospheric synths emboldened by persistence of vision and impeccable taste, whose sadness and observation, manic moments, and blind science create haunting atmospheres out of baryonic matter.

Click to get tickets while you still can.

Having taken off two decades to facilitate a queue of non-pop accomplishment before returning with “A Map of the Floating City,” Thomas Dolby behind his insane steampunk facade offers something between friendly and spooky, reaching out with ordinary metaphor, in this case “Flying North” with a lo-fi digital camera, to catch the wonder betwixt the emptiness of “The Invisible Lighthouse.” He seems fine. More than that. Relaxed. Unrushed. The same man who referred to himself in the third person just a wee bit on “Weightless” to let us in on the frustration of his love life is now playing live the electronic sounds and lost melodies for which he continues to be loved.

I’ve waited thirty years.

You see, Thomas Dolby: The Idea is ever-present to his fans, who hover over him in chat rooms asking Who Is Caroline 452? Or, is that really the riff from “The Six Million Dollar Man” embedded in “One of Our Submarines”? (Yes, it is!) And Thomas Dolby is a good idea, thick in Britannia like on his album covers, whether he’s lost in the sauce expatriated in Los Angeles or sampling the doppler of church bell on “Cruel.” Between the electronic drum sounds of “Europa and the Pirate Twins,” he mentions his preteen crush to “The Twelfth of Never,” which I take as Nina Simone’s unforgettable 1963 version. And once you are old, and hear Nina sing it, and think about Thomas referencing this all those years ago, you get trapped in his mythology.

Then into “The Flat Earth” you go, with the maturity at hand to know why “Screen Kiss” makes you hurt, why it leaves you rushed and needy to have somebody love you before it’s too late. And if you’re like me, you grow up and move out West and behold the haze above old Hollywood, where deer look down from the hills, and it’s three o’ clock in the morning. And perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll synch a near perfect seduction to his cover of “I Scare Myself,” slow-dancing to the handsome Joe Jacksonesque piano blurs and so unbelievably lost in whatever that is.

Mr. Dolby, may I say what a pleasure it’s been to live inside your music for thirty years. I’ll see you November 1 for “The Invisible Lighthouse.” And most properly, sir, Adieu.•••

Thomas Dolby will present his film “The Invisible Lighthouse” with live music, narration, and foley at the Cape Ann Community Cinema on Friday, November 1st at 7:30pm to kick off the 6th annual Cape Ann Film Festival.


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