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History At Play presents ANNISQUAM ABBEY (Fri. Apr. 24 – Sun. Apr. 26)

SHOWTIMES: AnnisquamAbbey042015posterb
Fri. Apr. 24 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, April 25 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, April 26 @ 4:00pm

Join History At Play for this lighthearted spoof of the BBC hit “Downton Abbey,” in which we celebrate the engagement of Mary and Matthew; a party that is clouded in the ambiguity of the future of the stately Annisquam Abbey. Lady Mary and Matthew are joined by members of the staff in a whirlwind of entertainment, including songs, dancing, and plenty of laughs! If only the characters can locate the missing will of the famed millionaire fishing magnate G. Orton of Gloucester, they know that the estate can be saved!

TICKETS: $20.00 ($18.00 Members)

Advance tickets are recommended. Click on the green “Buy Tickets” button below to purchase your tickets.

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Kestrel Educational Adventures presents…


If you liked Werner Herzog’s “Encounters At The End of the World,” you’ll truly love this film. Undeniably more practical and businesslike in tone, it nevertheless taps the same vein as Herzog’s opus in the end, revealing a romantic love of “The Ice” among those who “winter over” there, and capturing visuals just as stunning in their own way as those Herzog brought us. We learn things about the continent and how those who brave it year-round cope with it that Herzog’s summer-only project just wasn’t able to bring us, making this an essential complement to that other film in the literal sense: “A Year On Ice” fills in the picture of Antarctica, providing a look at what it means to live and work there which is otherwise unavailable to the general public.


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