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I’ve always been a fan of wordplay, from writing “hinky pinky” rhymes in grammar school, to my first song parodies in high school, to the pat-myself-on-the-back-because-I’m-so-darned-clever headlines that my editor let me write when I was reviewing movies full-time.

Maybe you’ve heard my famous groaner that I deliver on stage at our events from time to time? “Community is our middle name, and you can’t spell ‘community’ without ‘U.'” I will always use it, not because I enjoy torturing people, but because it is both memorable and meaningful.

Which brings me to another bit of promo: “A SOUND INVESTMENT… IN BUILDING OUR FUTURE.”

Here’s what that means, and why it’s important:

  1. SOUND. We have a critical need for new sound equipment, as our humble movie loft’s gear has reached the end of its life. We will replace the sound processor and amps first, then the speakers, and then we will outfit our new, luxurious (and almost ready to open!) Magic Lantern Community Screening Room with a premium sound package. This will cost approximately $10,000 to complete, and needs to be completed ASAP.
  2. BUILDING. We presently rent our space at 21 Main Street, but would like to buy the (condo-ized) unit. We are establishing a Building Fund for this purpose, which will need $65K annually to allow us to make a down-payment by June 2019, when our present lease is up. A portion of this fund will go to paying our rent ahead of time, in the interest of getting a more attractive purchase price.
  3. FUTURE. We would like to purchase the “air rights” to our space, meaning we would be allowed to build a 4th Floor above our present space. In it, we will build two theaters of 30-50 seats each. Additionally, we will make provisions for a roof deck overlooking Gloucester Harbor, for events during nice weather, and, of course, outdoor movies the rest of the time. (This part of our five-year plan is not included in this present capital campaign.)

donateWill you please consider helping out? As always, your donations are tax-deductible (we are now our own non-profit). As always, we will thank you with a variety of swell gifts (which you can keep, refuse, or donate to a Cape Ann non-profit of your choice). And as always, we appreciate your support more than we can ever explain (without requisitioning a host of very long and marketing-averse German words, breaking into song, or standing under your bedroom window with a boom box blaring).

With gratitude,

Robert Newton
Owner & Creative Director
The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

P.S. If you’d like to donate via check, please make it out to The Gloucester Fund (re: Cape Ann Cinema) and bring it to the Cinema or mail it to: The Gloucester Fund * c/o Barry Pett * 45 Middle Street * Gloucester, MA 01930


10-TICKET DISCOUNT TICKET BLOCK ::: $85.00. This works out to $8.50 per ticket, which is much lower than our regular ticket prices of $11.50 and $10.00. This “micro-investment” helps the Cinema in big ways, and makes you the hero gift-giver whenever you share your bounty with friends and family.

ANNUAL CINEMA PARTNERSHIP ::: $799. Do you own a business, or work with a non-profit that needs greater visibility and a swell way to raise money and reward its volunteers and supporters? Then this bundle is a no-brainers. 60 movie tickets (good on all non-premium events, which is 95% of our line-up), a Partner ad slide during our pre-show (over 1,000 appearances), a link on our website, and real estate in our lobby. Plus, you get a FREE Cinema rental or 2 Magic Lantern Community Screening Room rentals. And I will do a dance if you sign up. Or actually, based on how badly I bust moves, I’ll dance *until* you sign up.


HARBORWALK SUMMER CINEMA PARTNERSHIP ::: STARTING AT $500. Every year, we host a series of outdoor movies with the City of Gloucester, and this year, we are hosting 6, starting on Wednesday, July 17. We give them away free to the public, so we require a certain amount of financial support from the community. Help a great cause and get your business or non-profit seen by fun-loving families and other folks!


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