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12 responses

  1. Thank you for the great full schedule!

  2. Just what I needed – one more reason never to go over the bridge again!

  3. CAC&S is one of the major reasons for Gloucester’s being such a gem in our state’s

  4. It won’t be the CAC we’ve come to love without Rob.

    1. Don’t worry, Sharon––I took 2 months vacation, and I’m much better. I’m going to stay around for a while!

  5. I have enjoyed many events and movies at this little gem of a theatre. Thanks to Rob for expanding my horizons and choosing such unique and wonderful films. I hope the theatre will get a special new owner who will love it.

    1. Don’t count me out quite yet. I have had 2 months’ rest, and I am not in so much of a rush to move on. So you’re stuck with me, at least for a little while.

      1. Robert, I’m so glad you know when to stop, rest and take care of yourself. I’m happy “to be stuck with” you. You’re a rare gem! Carole

  6. Sandy & Rich Lorigan | Reply

    Happy to hear Rob feeling energized to continue on with his wonderful little theatre, that we enjoy so much and recommend to friends all the time.

  7. Sandy & Rich Lorigan | Reply

    A liitle gem on Cape Ann… love it!

  8. I have a favorite couch. I can come alone and feel safe. I can walk to the theatre. The movies are the best! Thank you!

  9. First time to Gloucester, fate had us stumble upon this beloved gem! Rearranged our plans to attend the Zappa movie that night. Its the community creative space of my dreams…really. I’ve been looking for this my whole adult life…its been in my mind’s eye, I’ve described it to many, and here it is! Only its three and a half hours from my home. Thank you for sharing your great talent with the world and being a vehicle for the important gifts of others. Looking for some cheap overnight digs, and we’ll be back!

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