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10 responses

  1. Thank you for the great full schedule!

  2. Just what I needed – one more reason never to go over the bridge again!

  3. CAC&S is one of the major reasons for Gloucester’s being such a gem in our state’s

  4. It won’t be the CAC we’ve come to love without Rob.

    1. Don’t worry, Sharon––I took 2 months vacation, and I’m much better. I’m going to stay around for a while!

  5. I have enjoyed many events and movies at this little gem of a theatre. Thanks to Rob for expanding my horizons and choosing such unique and wonderful films. I hope the theatre will get a special new owner who will love it.

    1. Don’t count me out quite yet. I have had 2 months’ rest, and I am not in so much of a rush to move on. So you’re stuck with me, at least for a little while.

  6. Sandy & Rich Lorigan | Reply

    Happy to hear Rob feeling energized to continue on with his wonderful little theatre, that we enjoy so much and recommend to friends all the time.

  7. Sandy & Rich Lorigan | Reply

    A liitle gem on Cape Ann… love it!

  8. I have a favorite couch. I can come alone and feel safe. I can walk to the theatre. The movies are the best! Thank you!

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